The association had the honour of dedicating the 10th edition of the Socially Correct competition to Save the Children with a campaign on a very important issue: violence on children aged 0-3 years. The objective was to develop a public awareness campaign on the theme of child abuse, with a focus on physical and emotional maltreatment that determines both immediate and potential damage to a child’s health, development and dignity, with clear message: child abuse exists and we must combat it every day.

The competition was won by the creative couple Antonio Penco, Art Director and Luigi F. Mameli, Copywriter, students of the Istituto Italiano Design of Perugia, under the guidance of their tutor Luca Gradassi, Professor of Graphic Design. Their campaign entitled “Certain wounds remain open”, also reminds us that “every day thousands of children all over the world are victims of child abuse. Save the Children is committed to defending them offering protection, support and educational opportunities”.