Mirko e Jacopo, winners of Socially Correct 2008

On the wall of Saatchi and Saatchi’s Milan office, high up and not easily seen, is a message that perfectly exemplifies the spirit of this competition.

Staage & Staage.
Ideas can come from anyone.

We noticed it the first day, when our enthusiasm was accompanied by confusion, our satisfaction with a feeling of being lost. We felt at home straight away.

We put a big stake on our idea, born from intense discussions in a university lecture hall, hours stolen from our free time – life’s dreams. Incredibly we won that bet and in return we have received something much more precious -experience.

The six months spent working side by side great professionals have been hard and extraordinary, of enormous fatigue and passion. We tried, made mistakes, corrected and learnt. We came to know people that we can now call friends and we lived a great experience in the world we had dreamt about, entering by the front door.

We have gone our separate ways – Mirko continues to wake up early every morning to go to the agency, Jacopo preferred to return to his studies, but we both believe that this competition is a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to get his hands dirty in the profession, putting himself to the test in an agency that has the ability to stop and listen to the voice of people who want to say something – an important signal in a Country where everyone shouts but noone listens.

If we had to make a list of all those who deserve our thanks we would never end. For this reason we limit ourselves to just four names: Annette, Andrea, Francesca, Lorenzo. The Ettorre family that made all this possible, giving two students a unique and unforgettable opportunity in the memory of a person that in his life did so much and continues to do so, even though he is not here anymore.

Mirko Cetrangolo
Jacopo Colò