“Organ donation. Many ways to be unique.”


The objective of the 6th edition of the competition was to create a social campaign for the Italian Health Ministry, to increase public awareness, regarding the reliability of the Italian transplant system in terms of transparency of inclusion criteria in waiting lists, safety of procedures for removal and transplant of organs, objectivity and maximum competence of those responsible for determining death. The campaign should also inform the public regarding current procedures for declaring their will to donate organs and tissues, inviting them to become donors.

“Donating organs – a choice that makes you special”, is the key concept of the winning campaign which says “To save a life you don’t have to be a super hero, you just have to donate organs” and “being special is also the Italian transplant system”.  The campaign, to be produced as TV and radio commercial, was created by  Nunzio Tomasello (Copywriter) and Beatrice Chignoli (Art Director),students of the Fondazione Accademia di  Comunicazione, Milan, under the guidance of their tutor, Professor Valentina Majocchi..